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Vintage London

Found this excellent resource on YouTube, of old footage of London, preserved and put online by the BFI. They can be found on YouTube at the BFIfilms group. 3 picked out below and theres lots more online.

Old London Street Scenes 1903

Tower Bridge Road Market 1931

Petticoat Lane 1903


Open air cinema in London – updated – Film4 Summer Screen 2009


Film4 Summer Screen – Somerset House

Open air cinema at Somerset House will run from 30 July – 8 August 2009

Got the email with all the films/dates/times today, so here’s the details:-

Thu 30/07/09
Broken Embraces (15) Find Tickets
Fri 31/07/09
Alien/Poltergeist (18) Find Tickets
Sat 01/08/09
West Side Story (PG) Find Tickets
Sun 02/08/09
Slumdog Millionaire (15) Find Tickets
Mon 03/08/09
The Shawshank Redemption (15) Find Tickets
Tue 04/08/09
Wings of Desire (15) Find Tickets
Wed 05/08/09
Don’t Look Now (18) Find Tickets
Thu 06/08/09
Strangers on a Train (PG) Find Tickets
Fri 07/08/09
Cool Hand Luke/Road House (18) Find Tickets
Sat 08/08/09
Raiders of the Lost Ark (PG)



The Scoop – Free open air cinema at The Scoop, alongside City Hall – starts again in September 2009. The lineup includes Slumdog Millionaire, The Usual Suspects, For A Few Dollars More and Mamma Mia – something for everyone then!  Full details at http://www.london-se1.co.uk/places/scoop/events

Some other interesting (but not open air) cinema venues in and around SE1 are:-

Roxy Bar and Screen    Shortwave Cinema



 Open Air Cinema, Somerset House


Updated – 3 June 2008 – Got the lineup through in the email today, not a bad lineup, if not all that inspiring, but a couple of classics.

Pick of the bunch for me are Leon, Scarface and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

To get the list, sign up to the newsletter from somersethouse.org.uk or check out http://www.thelondonpaper.com

One annoying thing is that tickets are through Ticketmaster, who want to charge service charge/booking fee of 4.50 on a 12.50 ticket price, taking the total to 17 quid! I won’t be paying these shysters this fee – managed to pick them up from the Somerset House ticket office, without any booking fee.

Updated – 2 June2008 – Found that there will be open air cinema at Somerset House, as in previous years, no details on their website yet, but should receive info via their email newsletter. The site is at  www.somersethouse.org.uk/film
In previous years there’s been a DJ then the film and a lineup of classics and new cinema. From the photo from previous year, it looks awesome.

Having enjoyed this in the past in Zurich and Barcelona, I thought I’d check out what was available.

So far, not much, but I did track down a series of films being shown at The Scoop, which is near City Hall. First good one is on Friday 6 June – The Usual Suspects.

Good news is that its free, on first come, first served basis and there’s a BBQ and bar.


Bodega de Tapas, Camden

Thought I’d sample the atmosphere of a Spanish Euro 2008 game in a Spanish location and picked the Bodega de Tapas, a couple of minutes walk from Camden Town tube station.

Having made my way through the goths and Pete Doherty wannabes that populate Camden nowadays, I found the Bodega not far from Camden Town tube station. Handily the seats at the bar were free and thats where the tv is located, so perfect for location. All the staff are spanish, or at least speak spanish, so its got a real Spanish atmosphere. There’s plenty of tapas to pick from and Cruzcampo on draught, San MIguel is also supposed to be on draught but the tap wasnt working when i was there. The tapas I ate were all good, the patatas bravas had  a tasty sauce, the chickpeas fabade was good and the tortilla was also good, although strangely covered in onions for some reason.

Recommended for tapas and to get a taste of Spain.


Spain comes to London

At the moment the Taste Of Spain event is ongoing in London, at and around Regent St, plus Borough Market.

On Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th June, Borough Market is taken over by the Spanish, for a taste of Spanish food and wine, promising tapas and all sorts of food delights. ]


London Clipper

Had a great ‘tourists’ day out on the London Clipper.

Caught it from the Embankment and went to Greenwich. The boats are really cool catamarans, brand new by looks of it, and are fully equipped with a well equipped bar – an essential consideration!

Once past Tower Bridge they really open up the throttle and theres a fair bit of spray flying about, so that makes these boats the ideal trip on a hot day in the city.

My trip was on a Roamer ticket, where you can travel all day between all the piers, and this was only 5.20, as I’ve got a monthly travelcard.
Highly recommended.


Pat’s London Blog…

Following on from my Barcelona blog, here’s the next instalment, this time from London.

I’m aiming to include interesting and weird stuff from London, from all areas – including daily life commuting on the train and tube, work life, people, events, music and life and times in general.

Stay tuned…