Hilton doorman loses his hat

Another YouTube video that always cracks me up.

And a little birdie told me that the doorman actually got his hat back in the end. Don’t know how he managed it.


News blooper

This’ll make you laugh, works every time for me. Think its a bit old, but who cares, well funny.

Trouble in the kitchen at TGI Fridays, Covent Garden

This story might put you off your lunch. Especially if its at a TGI Fridays.

Health inspectors shut down the Covent Garden branch of TGI Fridays, after they investigated customer’s complaints of spotting mice. The inspectors found ‘piles of dead cockroaches and mouse droppings’ in the kitchens!

I’ve never been a fan of the whole TGI Friday concept and this makes it worse. All a bit 1980s really.

The full story at The Metro website

And more at Bloomberg website

Trouble at West Ham v Millwall game

Who’d a thought it eh?

Last night there was large-scale trouble before, during and after the Carling Cup game between West Ham and Millwall.

This included fights between the fans outside the ground, pitch invasions and more trouble after the game.

Apparently, there were 500 or 1000 police there, depending on which report you read and it seems they didn’t do much to stop the trouble.

Surely they must have seen this coming???

On a lighter note, heres a great picture of a rotund West Ham fan getting chased by a steward.

West Ham fan being chased by a steward

West Ham fan being chased by a steward

And here’s the same bloke again… about to go for a burton…

West Ham fan about to go for a burton

West Ham fan about to go for a burton

Cockney Cash Machines

Cor blimey, guv, would ya Adam n Eve it?

Found this on the BBC news site today:  ATM company The Bank Machine is introducing a Cockney language option to some of its ATMs in the East End of London. Apparently, users will be asked for their Huckleberry Finn (PIN) and asked how much sausage and mash (cash) they want.

Full story on BBC website

Size of things to come?

The picture below shows the new ‘fat seats’ specially laid on in the Brazilian underground stations for the more obese commuter. Could these appear on the Tube?

Size of things to come?

Size of things to come?


Full story at The Metro website

The London Paper to close

News International has announced the pending closure of the evening freesheet ‘The London Paper’. This is due to losses of around 13m in the year to June 2008. The main reason has been the decline in advertising demand in the current recession and also the competition in the London freesheet market.

This still leaves the London Lite as an evening freesheet, but this could also be closed by rivals Associated Press, as they may feel it has done its job in seeing off the News International competitor and will leave Associated’s London Evening Standard as the only evening London newspaper, once again.

Maybe a new freesheet will appear once the economy picks up again and advertising revenues increase.

Full story on The Independent website