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Olympics 2012 – Stadium taking shape

Its interesting to see the progress of the construction of the Olympic Stadium, the Aquatics Centre etc for the London Olympics 2012.

On the official website, you can see the latest photos and also click the photos to see a timeline, from start to now.

Progress looks good and well on track for 2012.


Trouble at West Ham v Millwall game

Who’d a thought it eh?

Last night there was large-scale trouble before, during and after the Carling Cup game between West Ham and Millwall.

This included fights between the fans outside the ground, pitch invasions and more trouble after the game.

Apparently, there were 500 or 1000 police there, depending on which report you read and it seems they didn’t do much to stop the trouble.

Surely they must have seen this coming???

On a lighter note, heres a great picture of a rotund West Ham fan getting chased by a steward.

West Ham fan being chased by a steward

West Ham fan being chased by a steward

And here’s the same bloke again… about to go for a burton…

West Ham fan about to go for a burton

West Ham fan about to go for a burton

Spurs top of the League!

Spurs top of the League!

Spurs top of the League!

Ok, ok. I know its only the 2nd game of the season, but Tottenham are hardly ever top of the League, so I’ve got to make the most of it. Especially after last season, where we were bottom for half of it!

And its a London clubs 1-2-3, with Spurs followed by Chelsea and Arsenal.

Paddy Powers £1.3m Yang Yong-er

According to a story on the Metro newspaper’s website, bookmakers Paddy Power made a huge blunder by paying out early on Tiger Woods winning the US PGA golf at the wkend, to the tune of £1.3 million.

They paid out at the halfway stage, when Tiger Woods was 5 shots clear and at odds of 1/5.

However, unknown Korean Yang Yong-eun won the title by 3 shots, after an excellent comeback.

I imagine the P45 might be in the post for someone!

Full story on Metro website

Classic betting story…

Some greyhounds, yesterday

Some greyhounds, yesterday

The punters who thought they couldn’t lose:

Nothing to do with London really, but made me laugh!

Derby & Oaks wkend

2009 Derby

Mick Kinane’s dreams have come true, as he again rode a Derby winner home, this time Sea The Stars, who won in excellent fashion. Before the off, Sea The Stars had the composed look of a top class horse and potential Derby winner. He lived up to that and all the praise heaped on him recently. The only worries about him were would he stay the full 1m4f having won the 1,000 Guineas, the 1m Classic. But he proved to have the distance and won easily in the end, coming in at 11/4 as 2nd favourite.

2nd place went to Fame and Glory, who went off favourite after lots of heavy money went in on him, including several 100k bets at the course.

According to the BBC coverage Irish bookie Paddy Power lost around 2m on Sea The Stars win.

Full report at Racing Post site.

2009 Oaks

Jamie Spencer rode home the 9/4 Favourite Sariska to win the Oaks. In second place was Midday, at 5/1.

Analysis at Racing Post site.

Setanta going pop?

Lots of news around at the moment about Setanta Sports and their struggle for survival.

Seems they’ve over-stretched themselves trying to compete with the goliath of Sky.

Apparently the whole venture goes back to a pub in Ealing, where the founders first screened some World Cup games for a few extra quid.

They’re currently trying to re-negiotiate the large deals they’ve made and also trying to get new backing, as their 1.2million subscribers doesn’t cover the bills, with 1.9million apparently the break-even.

Doesn’t sound good.

Main source: Independent