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Making Tea

Here’s a 1941 guide to Making Tea, just in case you’ve forgotten how. And remember, don’t store your tea next to the cheese!


Porsche-smashing bus

Check this CCTV out, a stray London bus slams into a (luckily) un-occupied Porsche and then careers into the bus stop, smashing all before it.

Hilton doorman loses his hat

Another YouTube video that always cracks me up.

And a little birdie told me that the doorman actually got his hat back in the end. Don’t know how he managed it.

News blooper

This’ll make you laugh, works every time for me. Think its a bit old, but who cares, well funny.

Cockney Cash Machines

Cor blimey, guv, would ya Adam n Eve it?

Found this on the BBC news site today:  ATM company The Bank Machine is introducing a Cockney language option to some of its ATMs in the East End of London. Apparently, users will be asked for their Huckleberry Finn (PIN) and asked how much sausage and mash (cash) they want.

Full story on BBC website

Size of things to come?

The picture below shows the new ‘fat seats’ specially laid on in the Brazilian underground stations for the more obese commuter. Could these appear on the Tube?

Size of things to come?

Size of things to come?


Full story at The Metro website

Paddy Powers £1.3m Yang Yong-er

According to a story on the Metro newspaper’s website, bookmakers Paddy Power made a huge blunder by paying out early on Tiger Woods winning the US PGA golf at the wkend, to the tune of £1.3 million.

They paid out at the halfway stage, when Tiger Woods was 5 shots clear and at odds of 1/5.

However, unknown Korean Yang Yong-eun won the title by 3 shots, after an excellent comeback.

I imagine the P45 might be in the post for someone!

Full story on Metro website