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Making Tea

Here’s a 1941 guide to Making Tea, just in case you’ve forgotten how. And remember, don’t store your tea next to the cheese!


Trouble in the kitchen at TGI Fridays, Covent Garden

This story might put you off your lunch. Especially if its at a TGI Fridays.

Health inspectors shut down the Covent Garden branch of TGI Fridays, after they investigated customer’s complaints of spotting mice. The inspectors found ‘piles of dead cockroaches and mouse droppings’ in the kitchens!

I’ve never been a fan of the whole TGI Friday concept and this makes it worse. All a bit 1980s really.

The full story at The Metro website

And more at Bloomberg website

The price of a pint

Its constantly being mentioned in the media that about 5 pubs per day are shutting down in the uk. I get the impression this is mostly those grotty sort of pubs that no-one will miss anyways, but there’s probably the odd exception of a decent old boozer being shut down for no good reason except penny pinching by over endebted pub management companies, some of which are no more than glorified estate agents.

Anyhow, its interesting to see the vast range of prices being charged for a pint, just in central London alone.

The other day my personal record for ‘highest price paid for a pint’ was broken – £4.20 for a pint of Perroni, at the Phoenix pub in the City. Luckily enough, it was a decent pint.  Before this, the highest had been £4.05 for a pint in the Railway Tavern, Liverpool St.

Contrastingly, there’s a pub in Warren Street – the Price of Wales Feathers – where you can still get 2 pints for under a fiver, with some pints around the £2.20/£2.40 region. Admittedly, the choice of beers at this price level isn’t great – including the gut rot that is Carlsberg and Carling, but also there’s Amstel which is a better alternative.

And on the subject of pubs, heres a few handy links to some pub websites, to help start the wkend off with a beer or two:-

London’s Freesheets…

Its great to see the amount of freesheet newspapers in London, which liven up the daily commute to and from work.

In the morning, the Metro is available at my local station, perfect for the train and tube journey to work. Then on way into work, City AM is dished out, ideal for city news.

Once work is over and the commute home is underway, the evening freesheets are dished out – I can get hold of The London Paper every day and sometimes London Lite.

In addition to all these newpapers, there’s also some decent magazines, including Sport magazine, a decent roundup given away every Friday.

Of all these newspapers Metro is the largest, covering the news and sport a bit more in depth than the others, while The London Paper is a good way of catching up with the days news and sport stories.

Links to all these below:-

Metro –

The London Paper –

City AM –

Sport –

The London Lite – no website found

Bodega de Tapas, Camden

Thought I’d sample the atmosphere of a Spanish Euro 2008 game in a Spanish location and picked the Bodega de Tapas, a couple of minutes walk from Camden Town tube station.

Having made my way through the goths and Pete Doherty wannabes that populate Camden nowadays, I found the Bodega not far from Camden Town tube station. Handily the seats at the bar were free and thats where the tv is located, so perfect for location. All the staff are spanish, or at least speak spanish, so its got a real Spanish atmosphere. There’s plenty of tapas to pick from and Cruzcampo on draught, San MIguel is also supposed to be on draught but the tap wasnt working when i was there. The tapas I ate were all good, the patatas bravas had  a tasty sauce, the chickpeas fabade was good and the tortilla was also good, although strangely covered in onions for some reason.

Recommended for tapas and to get a taste of Spain.

Watching Euro 2008 in London

There’s a useful article on the Timeout website, which gives you a list of places to watch the Euro2008 games, depending on which country you’re supporting.

Also, other venues are:

Related forum:

Gutted… at Billingsgate

For some reason I’ve always fancied finding out how you’re supposed to gut and prepare fish. A few weeks ago I saw an ad from Billingsgate Market, where their Seafood Training School offers a variety of courses of all shapes and sizes to the public. The website for this school is at

So I’ve signed up for a brief introduction, a “Fish n a Dish” evening, where we get to prepare a Sea Bass ourselves, watch as a Sea Bream is prepared and then eat the fruits of our labour, whilst also having some wine. Sounds good to me.

After this, I should be able to add to my summer BBQ repertoire, as I can’t rely solely on the “David Blane Levitation” trick much longer!